Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etspiration Thursday

Here it is, the first Etspiration post! (Etsy-inspiration, in case you were wondering :)
One rule of Etspiration:  the artist must have a shop on Etsy. 
One rule of Glass Etspiration: the artist must have a glass (of some kind) shop on Etsy. 

The artists are picked based not only on their work, but also on their appearance (photography, etc.), their artist statement, and the overall feel of their shop.  It has nothing to do with views, popularity, or sales. 

To kick off our first Glass Etspiration Thursday (GET), I’ve chosen someone who has truly put her soul into her work.  There are artists who make items for money and artists who do it because their spirit demands it, because without creation they would wilt inside.  And consumers can tell the difference. 

lilianabead is one of the most inspirational glass artists I've seen.  Her shapes, colors, incredible photography, and her artist statement all combine to create a mouthwatering feast of artistic delight.  (All images are copyrighted to the artist!)

Just breathe it in.  The photography alone makes it a work of art.  I love the color of this piece (I’m a fan of the cool colors!), and the raised dots make it pop.  They give it life, make it dynamic. 

She has mastery over design as well.  The simplicity makes her pieces clean, sharp, and elegant.  She doesn’t waste time with superfluous additions or adding more for the sake of more.  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come pre-made with that talent.  I'm always trying to reign in my natural urge to overwork my art.  I always end up putting too much on one bead; I try to combine dots, stripes, and swirls, and the end product is a mish-mash of gunk.  Less is more, as the old saying goes, and I couldn't agree more.  I look to artists like this to remind me of that. 
I'm biased because of my archaeology degree, but I love her vessels.  The colors are always lovely, and the curves are smooth and sensual.  The variety of beads is great; there's something for everyone.

I was also incredibly impressed with her profile statement.  To be honest, I had to reread a few sentences so that I could let them sink in.  Very few people can use the word “Transcendental” to describe their work and have it make sense.  It was eloquent and added another layer of attraction to her pieces.  I never realized it, but what you write in the profile will have a profound effect on people's view of your work.  lilianabead's profile adds an esoteric value to her work, a sense of mythology, the organic, space between dimensions.  For me, that made me value her pieces even more because I knew she had put so much thought and effort into their creation.  Additionally, all of her pieces are molded with her statement in mind.  They all fit into the narrative that she weaves; nothing looks out of place or disconnected.  Her shop exudes harmony, and that provides the perfect atmosphere for her clients. 

The overall professionalism of her sit is extremely persuasive as well.  It makes the client feel comfortable and confident with her abilities, and to me that is the most important aspect of selling.  She is consistent in her descriptions and her pieces, and does as much as possible to reassure her clients.  The quality of all her pieces is top of the line, and she has plenty of options from which to choose - click on over there now and check her out!

Thank you lilianabead, for sharing your talent with us!

**Come back next week for a new Glass Etspiration!**


  1. Dear Kyera,
    Thank you very much for your eloquent and persuasive entry about my work.
    I appreciate the attention.

    Looking forward to getting to know your future picks of etspiring glass artisans.

    Liliana :)

  2. Thanks for posting this about Liliana - yes - her beads are beautiful!
    -Sheila Checkoway

  3. Liliana does incredible work, and I agree, her spirit does demand it!

  4. Dear Kyera,

    I just read your eloquent review. I really appreciate the intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities evident in your post. I freely admit to a pro-Liliana bias, being her spouse, but I don't think anyone has so well articulated what she does in her work. Thank you! Phillip Glenn

  5. Kyera, What a beautifully written piece on an amazing artist. You captured Liliana so well! Thank you for sharing the treasure of Liliana with everyone!

  6. Kyera,

    This is a wonderfully written piece about an amazing artist! You captured Liliana so well! Thank you for sharing the treasure of Liliana with everyone!