Monday, January 31, 2011

Feathery Lusciousness

After stumbling upon this artist, I decided that I want to wear feathers in my hair when I get married :)  The creations by bridalcouture are beautiful.  Simple, elegant and soft, they would be perfect for that special day.  Any day, in fact - I wouldn't mind wearing one of the Rivas or Gias on an ordinary day.  And it seems there's one to match every outfit. 

The Gia would be perfect for a beach wedding!  The peacock colors (and feather) are gorgeous, and if you wore it with white would really pop.

I love this because it looks so grand and regal.  If I wear a corset gown for my wedding, I'll be sure to pick an accessory like this. 

The purple Lyla is so soft and feminine, I love it!  The gems in the middle are a great touch, and I love the fly-away feel of all the tiny feather tips.  Very whimsical. 

In other news, I'm moving into my new apartment tomorrow!  I'm super excited, I just hope it doesn't snow so much that the furniture people can't get my mattress out there...And I'm going to get my new studio set up soon in the second bedroom!  Finally, my own space for my jewelry!  And I ordered my business cards, which is a big step.  Just deciding on a name was a big step  :)

So everyone about to get hit with some serious snow, get bundled up and warm yourself with a hot cup of cocoa!  

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