Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lace up that Leather

I'm a bit of a shoe fiend, I'll admit.  You can't beat a nice pair of boots, especially if they have a history.  vintage boots are something I've never owned, but grannyvintageshoes will be my first stop when I do!  Her shoes all have that awesome texture look to them, and I love how all the shoes have the same vibe. 

These are my favorite.  The color is so unusual and looks so good with the off-white lace.  I'm a huge fan of tassel boots too, it feels like you should be out hunting with a bow and arrow! 

These would match anything.  Super versatile!  And they don't have a heel, which I think makes a nice pair of everyday boots.

Combat boots are another favorite of mine, though I don't often have the chance to wear them.  These have a Victorian feel to them; combine Combat and Victorian, and you get one kick-ass lady! 

On the business front, I'm seriously trying to decide whether or not to go wholesale at all.  Do any of you know if it's in an artist's better interest to do a little of both or concentrate solely on one?  

**And only a few more hours for you to get in your vote for who should be the focus of the next Glass Etspiration Day!***

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