Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm expanding beyond Etsy...into DeviantART.  I love that site because of how creative it is; you can find all sorts of inspiration in any medium over there.  I also happen to be a dabbler in graphite portraits and so...the inaugural artist is 0mr0, a fantastically talented artist whose images seem like they could speak to you (all images copyrighted to him, do not use for commercial purposes).  I literally expected this first one to blink:

Can you believe that this is pencil?  Its titled "Purity" and is a drawing of Ayumi Hamasaki, a wonderful Japanese singer.  I love how pale her face is, it makes the shadows and contrast that much more powerful.  And lips have always been a problem for me, and he got them perfect.  They don't look overworked. 

She is simply adorable.  "Sweet Hypnotize" does just that.  The fabric of the jumper has such detail, and her hair is soft enough to ruffle.

Made with Faber-Castell color pencil, this is called "Passing By".  I love his titles; they draw the viewer in even more, give the artwork a new depth.  Another favorite of mine are eyes, and the colors in this one are beautiful.  I like how the shading is done mostly in green instead of blacks or browns.  And the reflection on the eyes are realistic but not distracting. 

Head on over to 0mr0's page to see more of his incredible work! 

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  1. i love that feature :D thx so much :) i appreciate it a lot :D