Sunday, February 27, 2011


Isinglass, called Glassbead on Etsy, has one of the most fluid, organic styles in glass I've ever seen.  Each piece, whether it's a simple leaf or a complex mask (yes, I said mask!), they are full of life and movement.  She has hundreds of glass beads from which to choose, and no two are the same.  Every pendant, every portal (yes, I said portal too!) is created in a different color, has a different pattern, has a unique extra adornment to it.  Her sculptural beads are absolutely fantastic, ranging from her famous fish to cat's and turtles.  (All images copyrighted to the artist)

This is the "Portal" bead I was talking about, and I have never in my life seen anything like it.  To find a shape that hasn't been done to death in glass beads is incredibly hard to accomplish, but she did!  And it's so neat, and the name of it just makes it even more intriguing.  I love anything that's mysterious and mythical, and the colors, shape and name of this bead all fall under those categories.  She has this is every color patten under the sun. 

How adorable is this??  I love how fat and round it is, and she has so much control with the glass that she can get the handles to have those little upturned ends...amazing.  The design is so fun too, and I like how she puts so many upraised dots on her pieces.  It gives them great texture. 

One of her amazing masks! Why wouldn't you buy ones of these?  Those lips are great, I had never thought of making lips like that before, with the black underlining them.  It gives them great depth.  My favorite part are the ears, they're so cute curling up like that :)

One of her famous fish, these little critters come in every color and could fill an aquarium!  they're beautifully done, and I especially like the fins.  They look like they might start flitting back and forth any second. 

Just an example of her skill with swirling, motion-filled patterns.  She's great at color combinations (I like this one - pink and black are always great together!), and knows just where to place those final-touch dots. 

Glassbead also has an Artfire shop under the name Isinglass.  Pop on over to either shop and start browsing!


  1. What a wonderful job you did with this! I'm a little embarrassed by all the compliments... Thanks so much.
    You have been busy with this blog- looks like you've got something going on every day- very ambitious!

  2. Great write up on a great lampwork artist.