Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creative Concoctions

Today's artist is a fabulous New Zealander called CreativityJewelry.  She delivers on her name, designing gorgeous Victorian-inspired wire work jewelry mixed with gemstones and pearls.  She uses mostly copper, resulting in a stronger antique look, which I love.  Her pieces are clean, delicate, and unique.  You won't find any of these in a store! (all images copyrighted to the artist)

Wouldn't you feel amazing having these dangling from your ears?  The purple and copper go so wonderfully together, and the wirework is masterful.  I love the lattice design how she added the beads to the side of the wire.  And check out the photography - its the perfect backdrop, adding to the Victorian feel of the jewelry. 

The colors on this piece got me.  I really like simple chain necklaces that have a cluster of beads.  She only uses the best materials, and it shows.  Again, the copper goes so well with the colors - I'm definitely going to have to use more copper.  Her backdrop is great, and is soft enough that it doesn't detract from the piece itself.

Her bracelets and cuffs are great too.  I like this one because it shows off her wirework, and the placement of the two gems is very harmonious to my eye. 

I had to add this in because she makes the most beautiful garters I have ever seen!  If you're getting married, pick up one of these for sure!  She also has matching sets of jewelry for bridesmaids in gorgeous crystal colors; check them out here

I also have to mention how nice CreativityJewelry is; she's incredibly friendly, helpful, and modest.  Her bio is very professional but personal; you get the sense that she only wants the best for her customer and will do anything to make their experience the best it can be.  What are you wiating for?  Click here to browse her large collection of artisan jewelry!

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