Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee-yatchin' Ballyhoo

Steampunk is something I love to look at but have never been able to successfully create.  Ballyhoojewelry has a great talent for taking innocuous items and turning them into top-notch rock and retro jewelry.  Prices are great, the work is UNIQUE, and they make you smile. 

A cupcake skull-and-crossbones!  On a sparkly purple background!  Where else are you going to find this combo?  Ballyhoo's awesome at mixing the good with the bad, spicing up the sugar. 

My favorite piece.  I'm a fan of the real cameos, and this is a great satire/spoof of them.  They even have the bloody details :)  And she kept a great head of hair, by the way.

This is the steampunk style that I envy.  Ballyhoo's combined random elements that, when alone, you know can be combined into steampunk, but it takes skill.  The glove is a great touch; throwing in that Victorian feel ramps up the punk from grunge to classy.  And the chain matches perfectly.  I can't describe exactly how she made it since it was very complicated, but lets just say it was a heck of a lot more than one little charm attachment. 

Here's another in the same vein.  The page from a book in the background caught my eye on this one.  She constructed this piece by piece.  Make sure you check out her description of the item to see just how much effort she puts into each piece.  Considering the time involved, her prices are incredible!

An awesome artist with tons of items to satisfy that inner feminine rocker!

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