Saturday, February 19, 2011

Recycled Art

I absolutely LOVE this next artist.  WVglass takes old glass bottles that would normally be thrown away and makes them into long-lasting household items.  Glass bottles become tumblers, candle holders, vases, clocks, serving trays, and more.  Anything that helps the environment is great in my book, and not only are these items functional but they're beautiful.  I have a thing for beer and wine labels, and this is the perfect look for me.  (All images copyrighted to the artist)

Instantly my favorite, this design is awesome.  I love the labels on the Chianti bottles, and the size.  I never understood the need for a tiny "juice glass" that fits one swallows-worth of liquid :)

Such a great idea!  The green color is lovely, and the wire design she put on them makes them pop.  She even has the creativity and skill to cut the tops on the diagonal, which makes them even more chic. 

Like I said, all sorts of items!  A desk lamp with a beautiful design.  I never realized how pretty some bottles are, until they're used for something else.  I guess you don't really notice it when you throw it away after you're done with it. 

A beautiful set, imagine this out by the pool in the summer.  She hand-cuts all her own bottles, so you're guaranteed to have a smooth finish (pun intended!). 

Support the environment: Click here to start browsing her shop!

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