Thursday, February 3, 2011

Slight Delay plus The Eye!

***I'm going to have to postpone the Etspiration Thursday to Friday or Saturday, sorry about this!  Moving into the new apartment is taking a few days, and I haven't had much Internet access.  So please be patient, and I promise to reward you with plenty of eyecandy***

While you wait, have a look at theeye, she has an incredible ability to capture minute details of the natural world and blow it up to a degree that is larger than life.  I love the soft, natural feel of her work, and the colors are lovely.

This struck me as soon as I looked at her site, and is what drew me into her shop.  Creating wings out of a flower is ingenious, and the colors are beautiful.  Even the reflection in the water is a work of art!

My second favorite, this would be beautiful in any room on any wall.  For some reason the angle makes me think there's nothing else in the picture-world except the cherry blossom; it takes up the whole planet, stretching on forever.  Wouldn't be such a bad place :)

And this one is just fun, but a bit sad.  The poor fish can only look, never touch. 

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  1. how wonderful...thank you very much for featuring my work :)