Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

Adorable.  Cute.  Chic.  Words you think of when you see this next artist's creations for children and their devoted mothers.  AnnelynDesigns is an accomplished painter, seamstress, and designer.  She makes items ranging from acrylic paintings for the baby's room to hip clips for pacifiers to baby carriers.  All of her items fit either girls or boys, and the items for mothers are super fun and will bring a smile to the face even when confronted with a bare bottom.

Annelyn's avatar for a reason, this is my favorite picture in her collection.  Isn't that zebwa just swo cwute?  (Baby talk just comes naturally to me when looking at adorable baby animals...)  And not only would your child be surrounded by lovable animals, but by fine art as well.  This is an original acrylic painting by Annelyn, for an amazing low price.  She has a whole set of these animals, check out this fierce one:

Their poses are so cute, with their big feet and round tummies. 

This is a really neat item that I've seen on women but never knew the name.  It's called a Mei Tai, and it's one of those slings in which you carry your baby.  She has added her own original design: the detachable hood turns into a drawstring pouch to actually store the Mei Tai in, which is super convenient.  She uses one herself, and the children fall asleep right away.  Not only that, but it is the most comfortable carrying device for the mother too.  The awesome pattern will add some spice to it too!

A little apron for your budding chef!  The colors are fantastic and the flowers are beautiful accessories.  Your child will want to wear this all the time!  She hand sews all her items.  I love the ruching on the bottom too, and the blue spotted trim. 

Annelyn has tons of other items in all sorts of patterns, so start browsing her shop right now!

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