Friday, February 11, 2011

Seductive Zen

I'll let you in on a little secret: a large sliver of my heart is Victorian goth.  Black lace, red ribbon corsets, and all the accessories to match.  So when I caught sight of ZenAndCoffee's pictures of splayed hands with the most fabulous fingerless gloves and arm warmers, I had to check it out.  I was not disappointed.  All of her wares are crafted beautifully, and she has so many choices and styles that you never get bored looking through them.  And if you like ribbon and lace...then you MUST look at her store. 

When red is done right you can't do better.  These are beautiful, sexy and unique.  The ribbons are fabulous, mimicking the look of a corset, and the lace takes it up a notch.  Her title only adds to their mystique and underworldly-ness:  "The Killing Moon". 
Fingerless gloves in general are great, since you can wear them during all seasons.  Note her photography too - I love the silver hue, it makes the colors stand out that much more.  The splayed hands are an attractive showing of the gloves. 

"Shadow and Mirth" (seriously, her titles are too cool!).  The hanging lace got me on this one, along with the color.  Blue is such a great complement to black; it's not as severe as red, and gives a sort of playful, soft feeling to an outfit.  Again, the crossed hands is a super way of displaying the gloves.  And the length of the gloves is also a big draw for me...I'm a fan of elbow gloves :)

She has all sorts of colors.  I thought I wouldn't ever come across a brownish piece of clothing that I liked, but I was wrong.  The amber tint to these "Tupelo Honey" gloves gives them an elegant look, and the white lace only amplifies that. 

I love the color combinations in this pair, "Paris at Dusk" (isn't the perfect title?  Makes you look at them in a new light).  Mixing in the lace with the color makes it a more complex, layered look.  I really like these arm warmers, and during this season you can't have enough of them!

I also have to mention how nice ZenAndCoffee is.  She's passionate about what she does, devotes all her time to it, and is incredibly modest.  That attracts customers just as much as her items.  So after you've gone back and looked at the pretty pictures one more time, click on her shop link and see for yourself!

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