Saturday, February 12, 2011

Consignment and Galleries

So what's up with wholesale versus consignment?  I might have already mentioned this, but I'm trying to decide which is better, do both, etc.  I trolled around my neighborhood last week and left my card at every store that would take it (and some that wouldn't, but thought I was nice :).  All of the stores that actually were interested (2) said they do consignment. 
I'm willing to take that opportunity (if they ever get back to me...).  At this point, even if consignment isn't the best financial idea, it's a great chance to get my name out there.  Get it into the public. 

I'm not complaining about Etsy, it's been great.  But I feel like (and most other jewelers do too) that there's just too many of us to try to climb to the top of the heap.  It's like that guy who was in hell and had to roll the boulder up the hill, but he tripped and fell right before the top and had to start all over again.  Unless you have a million more sales or views than other people, you just don't get any exposure. 

But there is some good news - I have an interview with a gallery the week after next!  I'm super excited about this, the gallery is beautiful and is an actual GLASS gallery.  Too cool.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

In the meantime, I'm going to continue working on my Spring Collection.  I'm going to give you a sneak peek...
Now no copying, that wouldn't be professional.  I trust all of you.  Like I said in my Spring Part 1 post, flat beads look great with most of the spring fashions.  The raised dots add just a hint of depth.  And that Very Berry by Messy Color rocks. 

This is for Saint Patrick's Day.  Happened pretty much accidentally, but I love the colors mixed with the clear.  Anything elegantly organic rocks my socks. 

I'm also moving studios next week.  I've been working at Carlisle Machine Works down in Millville, and they have been AWESOME.  But it is a 45 minute drive one-way from my house, and the place down the street just said they would make a special deal for me to work there.  So I have to give up the resources of Carlisle, like super cheap torch rental and glass and tools, but I will be saving tons of moolah on gas.  A big shout-out to Millville, I love you guys!

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