Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naked Beads

I came home today and realized I really, really, REALLY hate cleaning beads.  I have two days worth that I am letting sit on my kitchen counter..."Scrubs" is on and I'm huddled under my blanket with a cup of Refresh tea.  So I decided to take a picture of my naked beads and show everyone what they really look like, fresh from the kiln.  It's not pretty.

These babies were dunked quickly in water, pulled off the mandrel, and wrapped in the paper towel.  They're still covered with the bead release, so the ones in the dish are soaking.  The wooden thing at the bottom is what I use to clean the bead holes. 

I started practicing my Saint Patrick's Day beads, trying out some combos as you can see, but nothing I really like.  I do love the flat beads you see...they're in that Leaky Pen color I told you about in the Spring Colors Part 1.  And for some reason the falt, off-center dots make me smile :)

Why not show you a bit more behind the scenes?  I just moved into the new apartment, and so all my beads and works are waiting to be put in their new home in the second bedroom.  But I don't have the desk yet, so they're lying all over my living room/photography studio. 
Now back to Scrubs...

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