Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wolves + Glass = Awesome

The relaxed,  understated atmosphere of this next Etspiration shop is what drew me into their store.  A husband and wife team, WolfGlassArt has simple, clean pictures that showcase the color and line of their phenomenal handblown glass pieces.  Their store is chock-full of gorgeous items that speak for themselves.  Their wares include the traditional suncatcher ornaments, wine-stoppers, vases, dishes, wall art, figurines, lamps, and paper weights.  Their use of color is incredible, their shapes are organic (yes, I'm biased towards it), and in the plethora of glass art they stand apart for being completely eco-friendly.   (all images copyrighted to Wolf Glass)
This color combination is so cool!  I haven't seen orange and black in a long time (outside of Halloween), and I absolutely love it.  This is part of their "dragon" series, and all have the same spiral design in black and white.  Click here to see a really cool one in the Saint Patrick spirit.  The whole piece is shaped like an eye, and the cluster of black and white in the center is perfect for creating this effect. It has a rather hypnotizing effect, drawing your own eye towards it.  This would look great on any wall, and they have it in practically any color.

I don't know if I like the color or the shape better.  Purple and black is a chic color combination; not something you see everyday, and has the possibility of being done wrong, but when it's done right it's fantastic.  The whole piece has a plant-like feel, with the organic black stalks emphasized by the wavery edge of the bowl.  The 3-dimensional aspect of the stalks gives the piece extra texture, adding to the appeal.  This is also a unique design (as far as I know), separating these pieces from your standard open, wavy-edged bowl.  I'm also looking for pieces that are a new take on something traditional, and I like the funky style that they have given this.  Again, they have these vases in nearly every color.  On the practical side, I like how they put a solid base on the bottom.  I hate it when a bowl rocks slightly. 

Part of their recycled collection, these pieces are all made from glass that would otherwise have been thrown away.  As you know if you've read my other entries, I am a huge fan of recycled art.  The environment needs all the help it can get.  It's great to see an established glass team putting in the effort to make their work eco-friendly.  On top of all that, they made them functional!  These are too cute, and what a great idea.  I can assuredly say that I have never seen a soap/lotion dispenser made of recycled glass.  I like how they aren't perfectly streamlined, either; each has a personality, a little touch of abnormality that makes it unique. 

This duo also makes these fabulous wine stoppers.  They're simple, lovely, and have that great cane twist in the middle.  Simplicity is a key word for WolfGlassArt.  They have a masterful control over color and technique and use that to their advantage instead of crowding the piece with an overload of design and elements.  Effortless, clean beauty is extremely attractive, and not just in people.  We look for it in all things, especially those items that decorate our houses or our bodies. 

From the high quality photographs to the skilled technical execution, WolfGlassArt produces beautiful, eco-friendly work.  You can sense the effort they put into their work and, if you read their bio, you can tell that they truly want the best for the customer.  They rely on their skill with color instead of distraction, resulting in simple, sleek pieces.  They have original designs and new spins on traditional items, and that's incredibly important in the explosion of glass art that's happened in the last few years. 

They also have a great website that I definitely recommend looking at.  It has more items than their Etsy store, and a large section of their recycled glass art.  It also has a great section on their glass wall art showcasing some of their larger pieces, which are bright, fun, and full of life.  So you have two choices: click here for their Etsy shop, or click here to check out their website first.  Either way you have to see both, they're that good!

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