Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ancient Influences

What caught my attention with this next artist was her ancient egyptian-inspired designs.  Having spent most of my life studying the culture, I love a well-done imitation of their style.  Ninalaura created a beautiful inspired piece that had a modern look to it while keeping the traditional spirit and color palette.  She uses only the highest quality metals and gemstones in her OOAK jewelry pieces, resulting in hierloom-quality works of art.  A certain organic quality permeates the work, with lots of movements, nature-inspired designs, and harmonious color combinations. 

Here's that gorgeous egyptian necklace that would look right at home around Nefertiti's neck.  I love how the beads go from small the large, and that layer of darker blue beads.  She uses just the right amount of gold; it doesn't overwhelm the piece.  Even better, this is an actual WEARABLE version of those intense, ornate versions the real queen would have worn.  Hard to find a twenty-first century equivilent that you can actually wear. 

This is whimsical, smiple, and light.  A beautiful pendant, this is made of the finest quality materials and will light up any neckline. 

Her Sterling Silver viking chain looks gorgeous with the turquoise and silver accents.  That large hunk of gemstone is beautiful.  I love chains with gemstones.  This would be perfect for the summer, and can go with a day or evening outfit. 

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  1. Very beautiful work. Would you be interested in hosting another jeweler?