Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twisted River Clay

The first foray into clay!  I can't believe I've gotten this far without doing a post on this fantastic, and popular, art form.  TwistedRiverClay jumped out at me right away.  Their simple, curvaceous designs, geometric patterns, colors, and sweet touches result in beautiful finished products each time.  They have a wide variety of items available besides the usual bowls and cups, and even their bowls and cups have unique designs.
(All images copyrighted to the artist)
Always a winner with the folks, and this puts a very personal touch on it that only a handmade gift can convey.  I really like the style of font, and the bulge in the middle of the cups feel very nice when you hold it with both hands.  Very homey, warm and comforting.  The colors are lovely, that speckled bottom looks great with the brown, and the middle color smooths the transition between the two. 

How cool is this?  I have never seen anything like it before.  It's a planter - how fun would this be to look at?  I like how they made the texture of the wood, and the little birds are so adorable. 

A vase with a little bird on the top.  They have such cute touches that make all their items appeal to your heart.  The colors in this piece are wonderful; they are excellent at transitioning from one color to the next and only putting analogous or complementary colors next to each other.  For me color is so important because, if you're going to be looking at this item all day, it has to be more than pleasing to the eye.  Clashing colors, or strange mixes, will get old fast; but all of these items have timeless color combinations.

I ADORE this idea.  The tree texture really makes it look carved.  The nostalgic, romantic quality of this simple idea is perfect.  Men, if you're reading this, I can tell you any woman would swoon if you brought this home for a birthday, anniversary, or, even better, no reason at all.

This is just a slice of what TwistedRiverClay creates.  Click here to check out their Etsy shop and view the rest of the fabulous items!

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  1. I have one of twisted rivers mugs. I LOVE it. Just the perfect size and not too thin that my coffee gets cold.