Friday, March 4, 2011


No, I did not forget to spellcheck my title.  m4gik is a kick-butt digital artist specializing in photomanipulation.  All of his images are freakishly good, with bright, vivid colors, sharp lines, and a hip, sometimes-trippy layout.  I LOVE them.  They'll make your head spin.  (All images created by and copyrighted to m4gik)
"Escape" - I love the metaphors he uses in his images.  We can all relate to them. 

"Balance of Life" - I'm making these really big so you can see the details...his pictures are all in the details.  That initial explosion of movement and color draws you in, and then you keep finding little tidbits here and there that add to the effect. 

"Temptation" - So true, chasing after that diamond ring...I like the color blockage in this one, with the bright light surrounding the ring.  The eye automatically goes from her face to that light. He's also a genius at drawing the eye towards the ultimate destination in a smooth, natural manner.  He gave us a pathway to follow in this picture from her face to the ring by putting those wavering threads of space above her head.  The rest of the canvas is flat, enhancing the direction of the eye. 

He does it again in "Divine Boundaries", leading the eye from one figure to the other.  If you look at all of his images, you'll see that he can manipulate the space without using very much of it.  Nearly all of his pictures take up less than the whole page, and it is the blank spaces that really emphasize the main figures.  He's got that negative space thing down. 

You have to check out his website too; it's beautifully and professionally done, one of the best I've seen.  Succinct and to the point with crisp, clear images.  Enjoy!

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  1. m4gik, the images are unique and beautiful. Its off to your website I go to see more. All have made me curious for more. thank you