Friday, March 11, 2011

Chelsea Rainbow

This Etsian is a savvy, fashion-minded, hip jewelry artist who uses the latest fashion trends to create unique, original pieces.  ChelseaRainbow uses varied lampwork beads, metals, and large gemstones to generate a body of work that can work with many different styles while maintaining a recognizable thread.  Each piece is a statement.  She also makes adorable household items, like bottle stoppers and crochet row markers.  (all images copyrighted to the artist)

I adore this necklace because of the unusual mix of red and silver (I always pair it with gold, but I love this!), and the different textures and shapes.  The cool, curling metal next to the sleek, long red coral is fabulous.  It's this unusual mixture of items and colors that will keep you coming back for more. 

I had never thought of this before!  But aren't these the cutest item you've ever seen?  She has them in many different colors.  And they're super simple to move around with the lobster claws. 

Again, a very unusual combination that works.  I haven't seen these colors together very often, but I like how the turquoise blue sets off the rose and black in the Agate focal piece nicely.  Again, the difference in textures and shapes gives a feel to the piece. 

She does wonderful things with wire; those curls are so beautiful.  Without using more than 2 elements, she has created a wonderful, unique piece of jewelry. 

And I had to throw this in there, since I absolutely love hand-made wine stoppers!  They look so cute sitting on top of the bottles all in a row :)

Head on over here to check out ChelseaRainbow's Etsy store!

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  1. Thank you for posting my shop on your blog. You did a great job of telling my story. I just had my first sale yesterday and it was of one of the crochet row markers.

    Thanks again - I'll tweet it for promotion,