Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion Forward Summer 2011: Hottest Jewelry Trend

Fabric Jewelry  = Hot

The hottest Summer 2011 accessory trend according to Elle? Fabric jewelry.  Woven, threaded, braided, plaited, tied, knotted...anything that's soft, supple and colorful.  I'm on board with this, and have already been experimenting braiding leather cord and attaching a single focal bead.  It looks super chic and very biker-esque. 

Not to mention the fact that using fabric opens the door to a male clientele that might not have been so fond of silver chain and lots of pearls.  The looks can be made into rugged, basic colors that men like.  Add a small focal bead with gunmetal and silver, maybe throw in a geometric design, and you have an androgynous piece that will appeal to both genders.

Back to Elle- here's a few of the looks that they have on their fabulous website (all images copyrighted to Elle).
The perfect example for the summer:  bright, fun, spunky, vivacious and, above all, simple.  If you're making your own, just braid a few colors of thread/ribbon/yarn together, make a wide-hole bead (or buy one), and you've got your super-easy necklace.  The suppleness of fabric always looks good on the beach and with light, breezy fabrics that are popular during the summer.  It reflects the mood of the season, when we all feel a little more relaxed and care-free. 

This one mixes and matches different fabrics, and it's an awesomely trippy look.  I think of surfers and the beach, but that's just me.  Again, thread on a large hole bead and you're good to go.  Or, you can try attaching a bead between each color change.  Another popular look is the off-center necklace; put the focal bead high up on the left or right sides.  Just remember, if you're changing colors to often, to keep one thread of similarity running through the necklace.  Here, they kept a white/off-white color throughout the whole piece to tie it together.  Otherwise it might come off as too kooky and eccentric.  Not to mention it wouldn't really go with anything :)
You can get really creative with knitting.  I'd love to see lots of small beads woven into the stitches and hanging off the ends.  Or you could go with one large focal right in the center.  And i have to mention the purple and gold - third Fashion in a row that mentions it!  Also note that they kept the gold down to just one thread rather than putting it all over the place.  I'm a big believer in using more than one shade of a color in the same piece, and in this that works very well when using the gold as an accent.  Keeping gold and silver to accents is always a chic touch. 

This snake-like necklace is fabulous!  I love the idea of wrapping it around multiple times, and that is much easier to accomplish with fabric than it is with string, wire or chain.  Check out the perfect spot for a focal bead, right at the end.  It'll look lovely dangling down from the choker-like necklace. 

Check out the Elle website for tons, and I mean TONS of fashion advice, trends, and updates.  This one little accessory trend is just the tip of the Elle Iceberg!

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