Tuesday, March 1, 2011


March has arrived, and with it brings a new focus to the month: Photomanipulation.  This will be the focus for the Etspirations, and to kick things off we have an amazing artist from Deviantart: Phatpuppy.  Her works are simply astounding.  Using stock photos and her own ingenious skills at with a tablet, she creates magical, fantastical works of art.  (all images copyrighted to the artist)

"Past of Future" - I love the colors in this, with the dark green tones emphasizing the small focal light.  She has a shrouded mist quality to most of her images that I love, and all of her figures have beautiful, dynamic poses.  This one looks like she stepped out of a Disney fairytale with that dress. 
"Counter Culture" - Her landscapes are wonderful as well.  She creates a myriad of magical worlds that look so much more interesting than our own.  Her worlds are like our dreams come to life.  If you look at all of her pictures, even the ones with a figure as the focal point, you'll see a well-crafted background creating the atmosphere of the picture. 
"Midnight Clear" - she's a genious when it comes to creating fairy creatures.  The soft, flowing feel of the piece gives it an other-worldly effect, as though the fairy will vanish in a whisp of smoke if you try to touch her.  As always, the background is key to the overall emotion of the piece, and succeeds wonderfully.  
"Far from Home" - I love the emotion in the piece, and the title adds a great deal to it.  The background is one of my favorites, endlessly stretching on, and the figure's pose tells of her despondency and aching sadness.  And all of this without showing the figure's face - that's hard to accomplish.  

Head on over to Phatpuppy's Deviantart page and start browsing - she has enough to offer hours of entertaiment.  Even better, she sells prints of her work! 

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