Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Island Girl Rocks!

I fell instantly in love with this next artist as soon as I saw her awesome stamped clay designs.  IslandGirlPottery uses her own stamps that she's made to create beautiful patterns in clay and then, with multiple firings and processes I don't understand, generates astounding colors.  Her love of life is reflected in the simple, natural designs that are full of vivid personality.  I'll admit, part of the draw for me is the cuneiform look to her pieces.  They look like the cylinder seals the ancient Sumerians used, and that texture that goes along with that sort of design is so tactile you can feel it through the pictures.  (all images copyrighted to the artist)

The colors are gorgeous; I see this on a glass table in a house with all windows right on the ocean.  Her stamps are whimsical and fun, the animal stamps wonderfully framed.  You can never have enough dishes this size, by the way.  You always find a use for them.

The purple color of this caught my eye instantly.  These are "trinket" dishes, and I like how you get two of them in a set.  Again, can't have too many of these either!

If you see that unusually shiny and reflective surface on part of it, that's actually recycled glass.  What an awesome touch, and I personally haven't thought of combining clay and glass.  It creates a fantastic effect, gives the eye something unexpected. 

She also makes these utensil holders, and they can double as holders for anything you might need; knitting needles, pens and pencils, glass rods...the list is endless.  That gorgeous green color will brighten up any room.  her curly-que stamps are so neat, and look great on all her pieces. 

IslandGirlPottery has tons of other items; click here to start browsing!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, something very different, finally.

  2. Thank you very much! I am honored to be featured on your blog. I really do appreciate the time you took to write this. Much better descriptions than my own, lol.

  3. A beautiful write up for incredible work!

  4. Islandgirl has such a unique style and every piece is different. I love her dragonfly plates!