Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion Forward Summer 2011: Interfiliere

Summer 2011 Part Deux

Yet another new resource from Trendsetter, this company hosts a trade fair for lingerie and beachwear fabrics.  Interfiliere, based out of Paris (if you couldn't tell from the name!), hosts a fair that basically decides the trends for the coming seasons in their fabric lines.  They do a great summation of the Summer 2011 trends with a series of pictures.  Putting a picture to a trend is always a good idea, as it adds depth and gives you a mood, an atmosphere to think about when designing jewelry (All images copyrighted to Interfiliere through Trendsetter)
I LOVE this idea, with the cool, neutral earth tones combined with crisp black and grey.  Add a hint of refreshing blue and you've got a combo that will heat up the summer.  The feel, the texture of the piece is sandy, earthy, mossy, anything organic and wind-swept.  Exotic.  Unusual.  Long, flowing multi-strand necklaces punctuated with round baubles, cords of hemp laced around earth-toned gemstones, antiqued copper filling the empty could get lost in this oasis. 
A punkish, trendy, yet devastatingly haute-couture look.  Ever elegant with a dash of revolution.  Utterly divine.  Pink and black is always a winner with the younger crowd. Be sure to throw in some texture to make it that much more enticing; anything that asks to be touched will be that much closer to selling.  Geometric shapes, patterns, anything that keeps the eye moving along, mesmerizes it, will work here.  Use only two or three colors, make them bold, add in a splash of an unexpected color. 
Off the beaten track.  Marching to your own drummer.  Crazy color combinations filled with so much that the eye doesn't know where to look first.  A veritable explosion of color.  Heavy on the primary colors, light on the neutrals, this is a palette for the brave.  But during the summer, don't we all want to come out of our winter shells and embrace the light?  This is the perfect palette for brightening things up, taking the vivid colors from Spring and morphing them into the fevered tones of summer. 

This is Interfiliere's vanguard image on Trendsetter, and I had to put it up here because it has one of my favorite color combinations: purple and gold. Very rarely do you see this bold combination, but it hits some regal spot in my blood.  Two very powerful colors, both to the eye and the symbolical imagination, this palette would work well in the summer and rarely any other time.  It's such a one-two punch of power that it requires a sunny atmosphere :)  But if you can fit it in this summer, I definitely recommend it! 

You can check out Interfiliere's website here; they have a link to switch it all into English.  They already have Summer 2012 and beyond up, so you'll have to go to Trendsetter's website to find the one Summer 2011 picture that I did not put up in this post. 

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